OH...Teresa and Tristin Podcast

EPISODE 035 | OH...For The Love of God

July 21, 2019 Teresa and Tristin Season 1 Episode 35
OH...Teresa and Tristin Podcast
EPISODE 035 | OH...For The Love of God
Show Notes

On today's episode, we have our first OH... podcast guests. Mac and Stu are incredible young men who are brothers, kicking off this series of GOD testimonies with us. We are so excited to share this episode with you, to not only give hope to those who are concerned for this generation, but to also reveal how they are graced to live in this time and hour. One of the great purposes in this episode is to show off GOD's love that compels each of us to come up higher!

Show Notes:
Introduction with Mac and Stu (00:41)
- Tristin shares the vision behind this series and a summary of our series kick off

Mission (03:25)
- Three things we want to accomplish in this podcast episode

First conversation question to Mac (04:36)
- Was there a pivotal moment of your life in which you surrendered to GOD?

Same questions to Stu (07:15)

Second conversation question to Mac (08:45)
What have you learned thus far in this life's journey and what misconceptions of GOD has God crushed in your life?

Seeing conviction as an invitation (14:01)
God's pointing out things in our lives that are blocking that communication with HIM. HE simply wants us to come to HIM.

Same question to Stu (15:39)
Nothing else matters; not what people say, what you did in the past, what grade you got on the report card; something you said that you regretted; in comparison to the Love of GOD, that's all that matters.

Misconception that Stu had about GOD (16:46)
In a way I thought God could tempt us and another one was is I found out that the devil doesn't know our thoughts.

Mac's answer to the next question (17:10)
What are three key things that you've learned in this last season or in your life's journey that you could share with our listeners:
- It's not about us
- GOD wants to Father us; HE wants to have relationship with us; HIS heart is to love us and care for us.
- GOD never gives up on us

Stu's answer to the same question (22:30)
- Nothing else matters but GOD's love for us
- You're nervousness or embarrassment should never hold you back from doing GOD's work and helping others.
- We need to be ALL IN

Closing question with Stu and his answer (25:13)
- In every season there are different scriptures/promises that GOD highlights for us to hold onto to stay in HIM. What scriptures have you held onto to be aware of GOD to go through the most pressing moments of your life?

Mac also answers this closing question along with giving an insightful thought (26:54)
- God said it has to be like this every day for the rest of your life. "It's not only a "have to", it's a "get to" and because its a "get to", you "have to"."

Teresa's closing words of encouragement (28:39)
This generation is graced to go through this time and we must remember that this generation's purpose especially is to overcome evil with good.